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3 Big Reasons Your Small Business Needs Payroll Software

Many small business owners find their way into entrepreneurship out of a passion for a specific industry. They see a problem or deficiency within their field, and the fire grows deep within them to help solve it. 

Looking to Streamline Your Business? Here Are 5 Ways Applicant Tracking Can Help.

With the average business receiving 250 applications per job opening, (Google receives upwards of 3 million applications per year!) an intuitive applicant tracking system (ATS) has the ability to transform how your company views the entire hiring...

Automation to the Rescue

Many people understand the effect technology has had on their everyday lives. We have washing machines, homes that heat up if the temperature drops below a specific number, and our entire home entertainment system can turn on at the press of a...

Remote Employees: Can Your System Handle It?

The remote working “trend” is already staking its claim on the modern-day workforce, with 66% of businesses allowing remote work and 16% of businesses considering themselves fully remote. With these numbers projected to rise, so will the demands...

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