5 Benefits of Processing Payroll with FastPay 360

Many business owners and HR employees dread payroll processing. It can be a tedious task that requires a lot of manual work, which can result in errors to your employees’ checks.

With FastPay 360, processing payroll doesn’t have to be a tedious or dreaded task. Instead, you’re able to control every step of your payroll process. You no longer have to outsource your payroll to a third party service and wait for them to check it. Instead, your team is able to process payroll on their own schedule and enjoy the flexibility that comes with it.

Processing Payroll with FastPay 360

Processing payroll with FastPay 360 takes the headaches away from your HR team. You’re able to automate and streamline your entire payroll process.

Benefits include:

  • Manage every step of the process - Your team is able to process payroll on their own schedule and perform as many checks as they need to without worrying about extra charges. This allows your payroll process to reflect your business requirements and workflows.
  • Get the information you need when you need it - All of your payroll data is available through FastPay 360’s built-in reporting tools. You’re able to modify standard reports, and filter, sort, and customize reports for any given time period.
  • Make changes with ease - You’re able to modify deduction and earning codes, direct deposits, tax jurisdictions, and other payroll elements. You can make payroll information edits on an individual level or as a group.
  • Empower employees with self-service tools - Your employees have 24/7 access to payroll information. This includes pay stubs and earnings histories, all through our mobile app and online self-service tools. Employees are also able to update W-4 forms and print out their W-2s, which allows HR and payroll administrators to focus their work on other tasks.
  • Minimize legislative and tax compliance risks - FastPay 360’s year-end processing helps your organization avoid fines and penalties by aiding your organization to close out the tax year in compliance. The tool accurately completes calculations and provides you with everything your business needs to complete and file taxes.

FastPay 360 is a perfect payroll solution that delivers paychecks accurately every time.

Processing payroll can go from a huge HR headache to an easy process that everybody in your company benefits from.

If FastPay 360 sounds like a tool that your business needs, download our free guide below.

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