5 Common Pitfalls to Avoid When Implementing an HCM

Building more efficient systems, managing talent acquisition, streamlining payroll, and empowering all employees within your business sounds like a loud and definite no-brainer for your company. And, with a well thought out Human Capital Management (HCM) suite you will not only elevate your company but shout out to your biggest resource, your people, that their workplace happiness and balance is critical to the success of your business.

So, choose to communicate to your team that investing in their growth is critical to your business by avoiding these five common HCM implementation pitfalls.

Building your castle on sand.

  • What worked for your business at one point might not work with your new business objectives now. In fact, this is most likely why you’re diving into the process of implementing a new HCM suite. If you claim you’ve bought into innovative ideas and better practices with your new software, yet one foot is in the past, you’ve undoubtedly set yourself up for failure before the initiation process has begun. An unwillingness to let go of outdated methods will prevent you and your business from being able to utilize your new HCM as effectively as possible. And, let’s be honest, if you have hopes of a few older practices somehow seamlessly blending into your new software, reality might hit a little harder than anticipated.

Not auditing your data.

  • You’re already in the process of transferring information from your prior system to your new HCM suite. This is a golden opportunity to cleanse your system of unnecessary data and to verify existing employee information. If you neglect this process you run the risk of muddying up your shiny, new HCM software with erroneous data and a slew of inefficiencies down the road.  

Not addressing speed bumps as they emerge.

  • As you progress along your journey towards a more efficient HCM suite, you might feel compelled, every now and again, to sweep the occasional speed bump under the rug. After all, what effect might a lag time here or there really matter? And a team made of individuals with 80% proficiency is close enough to 100%, right? Not exactly. So let this stand as a cautionary tale of HR lore. Speed bumps, as “small potatoes” as they seem now, will certainly add up and compound into larger roadblocks which will only obligate you and your team into sacrificing more time than necessary to solve the issue. Not only should you address implementation concerns as they arise, but your business should also practice active listening to your team and their concerns in order to ensure they remain bought-in to changes.

Not assigning roles with a judicious hand.Not-assigning-roles-with-a-judicious-hand

  • Ensuring the right people are in the right roles is critical to having a successful transition. Do the individuals have enough time to dedicate to detailed implementation tactics? Do individuals have enough bandwidth? Is there a key stakeholder on the executive team as well as in other cross-utilized departments? Taking time at the beginning of the process to ensure roles have been delegated and assigned intelligently will keep your momentum moving forward.

Running before you can walk, and walking before you can crawl.

  • A complete overhaul of your HCM suite is not an overnight transition. Not even close. Set you and your team up for success by defining clear business objectives. And, once those objectives are set...don’t rush the process! Fully evaluate your internal systems to ensure the right tools are in place to carry out a successful transition. Having reasonable timelines and expectations allows not only your team but also your vendor to prioritize tasks that will work in tandem with your goals.

The resources and efforts involved in a new HCM implementation is not something to be taken lightly. No business sets out with the goal of being part of an unsuccessful transition. The more detailed an eye you take when initiating the process will ensure your team feels valued and their time isn’t wasted.

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