6 Essential Questions to Ask When Choosing a Payroll Provider

If you’ve been playing mental gymnastics with the idea as to whether or not to adopt an in-house payroll solution or to outsource your payroll processing needs, you’ve probably already done a great deal of preliminary research and consideration.

  • Does your company have the resources to handle a shift in processes?
  • Can your company safely and securely handle sensitive data? Can another?
  • What process will be more efficient for your employees and save the most time?

You’ve already mulled through the big picture, and now it’s time for the details. Here are six often overlooked but essential questions to ask when choosing a payroll provider. 


What services (payroll specific) do you offer?

Many payroll service providers are now equipped with additional solutions aside from the solitary payroll processing offering. From timekeeping and onboarding to talent acquisition, it should be one of your company’s top priorities to understand the multiple service offerings that are available to you, and which solutions could be of benefit to your company’s needs.


Is your payroll service compatible with other HR software?

Flexibility with your HR needs is critical when integrating new processes and systems. Do your best to steer away from providers with solutions that are not willing to assimilate into HR accounting and software. 


What pricing options do you have? Are there any hidden fees?

A payroll provider that deserves your business will be competitive in their pricing structure and upfront with the costs associated with the solutions you seek. 


What does the setup and overall process look like?

Is the learning curve steep? Will the training process be long and extensive? These are concerns that should both be addressed and evaluated according to what your team’s capabilities, and bandwidth, are. Ultimately, the goal with a payroll provider should fall in line with ease-of-use, a smooth transition, and a robust customer service structure in place to help you overcome any real-time roadblocks and questions.


When tax time hits, will your provider offer a payroll tax solution?

A good payroll provider understands that payroll and taxes go hand-in-hand. With taxes being nothing short of complex and ever-evolving, keep a keen eye out for the companies that are willing to help your business with year-end and year-round tax questions and compliance. 


What does customer support look like?What-does-customer-support-look-like

No HR team ever wants to be stuck staring at taxes or payroll with questions shuffling through their head, yet no way to arrive at a solution. Before signing up for a new payroll provider, make sure you have a healthy understanding of their customer support protocol, and determine if they align with the needs of your business. 


Adopting a payroll solution is a guaranteed way to simplify processes within your business while freeing up valuable time for your HR team. At FastPay, we aim to provide our clients with efficiency, accuracy, compliance, security, and peace of mind. 

Visit our blog - Debunking Myths: Outsourcing Payroll to learn more about the benefits of adopting a payroll solution. 

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