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Data is currency in the modern world, and in order to make impactful decisions that drive your business forward, you not only need to possess the right data, but be able to see it, analyze it, and interpret it. You need actionable insights that will inform your business practices and strategies, and one of the key features of FastPay that provides this is customized reporting.


FastPay boasts an all-in-one, access-from-anywhere reporting solution that comes built in. You can take your insights with you using cloud-based data that you can access anytime, anywhere, including your mobile device. There’s no need to install multiple programs or hire a reporting service: this solution empowers you to take hold of your data and find ways to make it matter to your business.

FastPay custom reports let you:

Make data-driven decisions for your business

Make the best decisions for your business by using all-in-one software that lets you see, organize, and analyze your data all in one place. Custom reports help you uncover trends that might not be obvious or intuitive, but that can have a big impact on individual policies or overall business strategy. FastPay reports allow you to visualize your data, see actionable insights, and automate the reporting of day-to-day analytics. Seeing your employees’ data will give you the insights you need to optimize their productivity and reduce lost labor costs.

Empower your employees

When you use the capabilities of FastPay’s customizable reporting, it makes it easy to see how well your policies are working and which ones need to be changed or improved. Actionable data is useful for everything from determining schedules based on available overtime to evaluating your employees’ growth and performance. Since all your employees’ data is consolidated in a single repository, it becomes a helpful tool for your employees as well. They can have access to reports of their own like compensation reports and a breakdown of their benefits packages. And the system makes it a snap to set these reports up for new onboards, saving time and increasing retention and employee engagement.

Keep your data organized

Reports excel at taking vast of amounts of disparate data and making it visible, insightful, and actionable. Customized reporting lets you view the data you need in the format you desire, like tables, lists, and charts. And once your data is in the system, you can easily find the data and reports you’re looking for with filters. Sort, group, and filter your custom reports by date, employee info, report type and more. Then, set up permissions so that only certain people or groups will have access to specific reports. It’s a great way to keep your employees’ data secure and ensure that sensitive information is in the appropriate hands.

Save time with custom report templates

Once a customized report has been created, you can save it as a template. This puts existing reports at your fingertips, so you don’t need to make the same report repeatedly. This is especially helpful for routine reports, which in many cases can be automated to run automatically, saving you even more time. Your templates will also be saved to the cloud, meaning anyone from your organization with appropriate viewing permissions can use them.

Focus on the big picture

Custom reporting in FastPay is all about empowering business to make the decisions that will take them to the next level. When you have the right data at your disposal, you can focus on both optimizing your business in the present and guiding your business to new heights in the future. Custom reporting gives you the tools and functionality to look ahead and implement strategies for the long term. You’ll make faster, better informed business decisions and get proactive insights before potential issues arise.

Work smarter, not harder. Custom reporting in FastPay helps you spend less time and get more done. It’s efficient, accurate, powerful, and built to scale, providing powerful insights in an easy-to-use platform. Find out more about using customized reporting in FastPay to transform your business.


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