Cut the Clutter: 5 Benefits of Going Paperless


As most of us know by now, a paperless office is an organization that has committed to a greener, more sustainable workplace. However, with the landscape of technology and businesses continuing to broaden in talent and scope, it’s becoming more obvious the need to reduce the risk for lost forms and errors by digitizing pertinent information.


That being said, while eliminating inaccuracies and maintaining an efficient workplace is any company’s ideal, a few additional, less-obvious benefits of adopting a paperless office are as follows.


Centralized access

If a client asks for a detailed invoice, your account manager is no longer limited to your company’s hours of operation. As long as the individual has access to an internet connection, they can obtain necessary documents to ensure a positive client experience. 


Increased employee security

A necessary part of acquiring new talent is obtaining sensitive employee documents and information. If still using manual, paper methods, the risk associated with losing this information grows when your HR team is tasked with moving files from point A to B, even if Point A is your desk and Point B is an alphabetized filing cabinet.  When employees use a paper filing system with no password protection, they risk compromising employee security. 


Increased mobility across teamsIncreased Mobility

The ability to access information anytime and anywhere empowers your employees. A document management software is a guaranteed way to integrate all necessary forms into one secure portal. From scans to mobile documents and files (.docx, pdf, jpg, etc), having central access across teams promotes usability and accessibility which negate the need for employees that simply act as a “middle man” for others. 


Loss prevention

For any company, their biggest asset is their employees. Ensuring a streamlined and efficient, easy-to-use set of processes saves your employees valuable time by eliminating repetitive administrative tasks. When your employees have more time to utilize their strengths on company projects that help to push the collective needle further, they will be fulfilled and will advocate further for your company. 


Save money

All of the benefits of adopting a cloud-based, paperless system result in some form of saving money; however, perhaps one of the most obvious money-saving benefits is the ability for your office to be free from bulky filing cabinets, reams of paper, and even storage units for the required storage of years of employee records. 


While adopting a paperless office is an admirable endeavor to embark, it’s becoming more of a necessity now than ever. With technology quickly changing the landscape of thousands of businesses across the United States, digitizing documents now serves as a catalyst for a host of benefits that your business won’t want to miss out on. 

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