Employee Engagement Challenges in Your Workplace


Engaged employees are what help create innovative ideas for your business. It’s vital for your company to reach its potential. With that said, according to a recent Gallup poll, only 32% of US workers say that they are engaged at their jobs. In other words, only one in every three employees are engaged.

For something that is so crucial to your business’ success, that’s a staggering number. Below, we highlight some of the biggest challenges your workforce may face when it comes to employee engagement.

Employee Engagement Challenges

No Growth Plan

Your employees put countless hours into your business to help it succeed. But oftentimes, employees feel like they are stuck and there is no room for advancement at your company. When they feel this way, they get complacent and their engagement levels drop. They feel like there’s no reason to work hard because they’ll be stuck in their current position, regardless.


Poor Communication

Good communication is vital in parenting, sports teams, and relationships. The workplace is no different. Poor communication leads to unclear expectations, lack of clarity in job duties, and an overall breakdown in what needs to get done. When communication habits are poor in your business, your employees tend to grow frustrated and their engagement levels drastically drop.


Improper Onboarding and Training

When employees are thrown into the fire with improper training, they feel unprepared to perform their job up to the standard that you’ve set. When they feel unprepared and dissatisfied with their job skills, their engagement levels will drop lower and lower as time goes on.


Poor Relationships

When an employee feels like their superiors don’t make an effort to be helpful to them, or they’re constantly being ridiculed - it creates for a poor relationship and work environment. Poor manager-employee relationships create resentment within your workplace and engagement levels dip company-wide.


Non-Competitive Wages

When your employees feel like the pay they’re receiving from your company isn’t competitive with the market, they feel disrespected, rightfully so. Pay is obviously one of the biggest driving forces behind engagement. Not offering competitive pay will driving employees to be disengaged and only stay at your workplace until they can find something better. That scenario creates a poor company culture that nobody wants to be a part of.


An Employee Engagement Solution

The employee engagement challenges highlighted above aren’t overnight fixes if they strike your workforce. However, a human capital management (HCM) system can help your business overcome numerous engagement challenges.

An HCM allows your business to:

  • Communicate through a single platform

  • Create growth plans and employee reviews

  • Offer a place for your employees to give managers feedback

  • Generate effective employee onboarding plans

  • Attract the right talent to your workplace

  • Track benefits for employees

Ultimately, an HCM can help you create a more engaged workforce, which can help your business reach new heights.


Interested in seeing if an HCM solution is right for your business?

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