Employee Spotlight: Joel Tibbets


Job Title: Implementation Specialist


What is your job description?

As an Implementation Specialist, we conduct customer trainings and facilitate the resolution of various payroll, time and labor, and human resource support questions.

What is your professional background?

Name it! I have at least dabbled in it. I am quite literally the jack of all trades and master of none! I love to learn new trades, whether as a hobby, project, or a new career opportunity. Most recently, I was a realtor at Keller Williams; before that I spent many years at Suddenlink Communications as a trainer in the Corporate Technical Operations Department.

What brought you to FastPay?

A friend from church, who happened to be leadership at FastPay, told me about this new initiative regarding a very large-scale implementation project. They were looking for people to join the team, and I love a challenge!

What do you enjoy about working in tax/payroll?

The exactness of it to be honest. I love building projects to exact specs. And you don’t get anymore black and white than numbers!


What is a unique challenge that you face in your role?

Every client configuration is unique. All of our clients function a little differently in the way they compensate, track time, and manage their HR needs. We must be adaptable to every changing need!


What are some of the ways you have grown with the company?

Zilch. That’s how much experience I had with this software coming into this role. But that goes to show you how user friendly the system is… if I can learn it, anyone can! Joking aside, I have learned so much, and, as daunting as it may be, every day is full of new knowledge! It’s easy to grow if you come to a company as an empty vessel.

What gets you excited about FastPay and its future?

We have great people, and a great product. To expand, the technology we are implementing is state of the art, like what a nation-wide company might offer, yet when you come into the office you will always see a familiar face! And as far as the people are concerned, we have one of the best work cultures I have ever been a part of with fantastic leadership!


What’s your favorite project that you’ve worked on so far?

My favorite project thus far has been working alongside one of our leaders, Mike Jones, on an Implementation “Utility” he created. Let me be clear, I am not taking any credit for this (it’s all Mike), but I have enjoyed helping with that project the most. In short, it’s a tool that speeds up some of our processes ten-fold!



What does a day in the life look like for you both in and out of the office?

I usually start my day around 5am and the first thing I do is brew coffee in my Chemex. (Coffee has always been a passion, typical Millennial.) I’m at the gym, South Plains Underground, by 6am. From the gym, I head to work and tackle the day’s most pressing needs that usually consist of support questions or continued implementation on many of our ongoing projects. I have various trainings and meetings throughout the day, and unless we are in crunch time, I head out around 5pm. But, my day doesn’t end there. We recently remodeled a little farmhouse just outside of Lubbock, and it has been amazing hanging out/working outside on the farm with my lovely wife, Kaci, and 3 year old son, Hudson. If the sun is up, I’m outside working with my hands, taking care of the yard, riding dirt bikes, shooting my bow or various firearms, or just hanging out. A couple of times a week, my wife and I are back at the gym for the Barbell Club where we learn more about the Olympic Lifts. We are at the gym about 6 days a week, but it’s become a lot more than a healthy lifestyle and more about challenging each other and fellowshipping with our friends!



What are your favorite ways to unwind and achieve work-life balance?

My favorite way to unwind is with my family/friends and being active. Sometimes that looks like the gym, and sometimes it’s playing yard games and drinking craft beer or coffee. (Millennials, right??)


What’s something people at the office would be surprised to know about you?

Several years ago, I got really good at making handcrafted leather goods. Pretty funny really. I needed a holster for a pistol and wondered if I could make one myself. I watched some YouTube, bought some tools, leather supplies, and after a short time I was proficient enough to take custom orders. I made wallets, key chains, some large knife sheaths, gun holsters, belts, catch-alls, baseballs, and even a stuffed leather teether shaped like a SHARK for my baby boy. Oh… and my wife taught me how to knit! Haha! I’m kind of a purveyor of hobbies. I love creating things and working with my hands!


How do you define ‘success’ in your job?

My definition for ‘success’ has really evolved through the years. Initially, I thought it meant that everything was PERFECT! As I have grown, I realized that was so narrow minded, and that success can be wrapped up in your biggest failures. I don’t want to get all philosophical so I will say this. Success to me is a vision for excellence, not perfection, ownership of failures and the learning process, not dwelling on the mistakes, striving for discipline and growth, and putting others, clients, and my coworkers first. If you can put the client/your team first, own your mistakes and grow in your pursuit of excellence, I believe you will find success in any endeavor.


Words of wisdom to pass along?

Try everything you can and don’t be afraid of failure. Never stop learning. And always try to outdo one another in selflessness.


What would be the ONE word to describe yourself?


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