FastPay Resources That Benefit Your Employees


Giving your employees more transparency and control over their workplace happiness should be a top priority for any company. Luckily, one of the key attributes to the success of FastPay is our attention to detail coupled with our obsession to deliver a multi-faceted, customer-centric approach to HR and payroll.


Two ways we have been able to provide this service is by putting the autonomy back into the hands of your company’s employees through our Employee Self-Service tool and mobile capabilities.


Employee Self-Services (ESS)

FastPay’s Employee Self-Service tool empowers your employees while simultaneously freeing up your HR department’s time and energy. This tool transforms what was once a largely paper-based system of processes into a method that:

  • Provides your employees with a central access point to update personal information, change withholdings, opt-in and out of benefits, view paystubs and pay history, request time off, and more.

  • Saves time on labor due to your company being able to eliminate a large percentage of questions that pertain to open enrollment, scheduling, time-off requests, and more.


By opting out of time-wasting administrative tasks, and opting into workplace transparency, your company is able to bridge the inefficiency gap that plagues many businesses.


Mobile CapabilitiesMobile-Capabilities

Adding mobile applications and capabilities to FastPay’s ESS can truly be a game-changer. By allowing your entire company (managers and employees, alike) to access standard HR and payroll instruments from their mobile device, you can free your company from costly inaccuracies, timekeeping errors, and compliance penalties that have risen from outdated and manual processes.  


As long as users have a viable internet connection, they will have access to the entire arsenal of tools that are sure to benefit your employees. 


Discover more about the benefits FastPay can provide your company by downloading our free eBook, FastPay’s Core Product Offerings: Benefits of Millennium.



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