Hiring vs Recruiting: The One Big Difference

Hiring and recruiting might sound like the same thing, but they both require different approaches to finding top talent. Although one process is not necessarily better than the other, there might be situations that arise within your company in which recruiting is preferable to hiring, and vice versa.


Because losing talent at any company has proven to add up, let’s take a quick look at the one big difference between hiring and recruiting in order for your business to choose which process is best for the future of your company. 


The Difference

Hiring is reactive and quick while recruitment is an intentional and long-term process.


Once an employee puts in their notice, or in some instances, abruptly leaves your business, your company is now presented with a need for someone to fill in the respective employee spot. 


When your company needs a new employee, a position is posted online, a candidate applies, and then a candidate is selected. 


While this process seems simple enough, it’s brevity is usually an indication of hunting out supply due to an immediate demand, as well as a process that involves low-skill or temporary work from the applicant. 




Recruiting, usually, best serves companies looking to create a vast candidate pool of talent based on networks, recommendations, personal and professional interests, culture fit, and more. 


Once a pool of candidates is created, recruiters can keep their eyes on the entire process and needs of the company and carefully filter through pre-screened candidates to better understand if these applicants are a good fit for their company.  


Hiring and recruiting are, ultimately, two sides of the same coin. Although the end result is relatively similar (acquiring talent for your company), the way in which your business arrives there can be tailored to the needs of your company and your business objectives.

So, which is it? Is your company looking to hire, or recruit?

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