How FastPay Can Help With Employee Recruiting


Recruiting top employees is every company’s objective when it sets out on the hiring trail. Employee recruiting allows your business to find the right candidate for the right job.

Outdated recruiting processes took a lot of time away from your HR department because they’d have to sift through numerous resumes and applications, in hopes that they could find the right person for the job.

That process often resulted in hiring the wrong person, which costs your business valuable time and money.

Enter FastPay, a human capital management suite. FastPay’s employee recruitment tools can help your business hire the perfect candidate for the job.

Employee Recruiting With FastPay

Fastpay’s talent acquisition tool positions your company to source, track, and evaluate applicants to build a high-quality workforce that works efficiently and effectively.

Key benefits of this tool include:

  • Automating your entire recruiting process - Eliminate paper and constant candidate monitoring, and drive efficiency.

  • Job requisition creation - The process of creating a position no longer has to be a headache.

  • Source candidates - Post jobs to your career website and other job boards from the tool.

  • Pre-screen candidates - Leverage data about your existing workforce with your current candidates to aid in your hiring process.

  • Ease of use - This tool makes it easy to upload resumes, search for jobs, and apply to your company.

  • Track applicant status - Visually monitor where applicants are in your hiring process.

All in all, employee recruiting with FastPay creates a better experience for candidates and your HR team.

Gone are the days of manually trudging through the recruiting process. Now, you can automate the process with intelligent workflows to ensure your business is hiring the right candidate. Your team is spending less time and hiring better employees. It almost sounds too good to be true.

The best part? FastPay is an entire human capital management suite of tools, and the talent acquisition tool works hand-in-hand with other tools in the suite. It allows for a smooth and seamless transition from the recruiting phase to hiring and onboarding.

Want more information on how FastPay can benefit your business? Contact us today!

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