How Social Media Has Affected the Recruitment Process

Talent acquisition is witnessing a rapid reboot thanks to the rise of social media. We now live in a day where the majority of today’s workforce are millennials. And millennials know how to use technology to their advantage.


Social media is not looking to negate the recruitment process, only to enhance it. By combining traditional recruitment efforts with more forward-thinking tactics, companies are witnessing their price per acquisition (ad space and job fairs, for example) decline while their accessibility to the best of the best talent increases.


Here are three ways social media has enhanced the recruitment process.


Promotes brand awarenessPromotes-brand-awareness

A strong brand presence leads to brand credibility. This further helps an audience understand the mission and culture of the company. 


Social media users are known for following and engaging with brands they value and find attractive. Because of this, many businesses are ramping up their social media efforts, and aiming to appeal to this generation, by having a strong and robust social media presence. 


Using social media as a platform to convey a company’s culture helps keep the focus on finding an employee who fits in well, while continuing the objective of promoting strong brand awareness. 


Increases applications

Putting a position on social media can dramatically increase the number of applications your business receives.


How? Chances are high a hiring manager knows that in order to capture the candidates they’re after, they don’t need to cast a wide net – just an intelligent one.


Placing applications on the front lines of where your ideal candidate congregates (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc) simply means you will increase the visibility of the ad, and ultimately the number of applications you receive. 


To that point, it’s worth mentioning that with a large increase in applications also comes the ability for the employer to evaluate the individual’s interests and social network. So, regardless of where you stand in the hiring process, it's a best practice to keep any account clean


Reduces hiring time

When an applicant shares the same values and interests, they are more likely to accept an offer. Even better, thanks to the gift of direct messaging, many applicants can engage in communication with employers, and employers can respond almost immediately. 


With technology constantly innovating and iterating our daily habits, it might feel easier to lean away from social media. However, when done with a concise strategy, we are able to clearly see how social media isn’t getting rid of the recruitment process, it’s serving to enhance it.


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