How the FastPay Timekeeping System Saves You Time


One-off projects, client meetings, important phone calls: it’s all important and it all adds up. Eliminate the need for a middle man when an accurate, intuitive solution can remove the stress from your day and give you back your time.


Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of FastPay’s timekeeping solution.


Keep track, anytime and anyplace

Taking care of clients is no longer something that keeps you tied to your office. A timekeeping solution should be accessible anywhere you need to be in order to ensure your employees don’t encounter any unnecessary roadblocks that might keep them from satisfying and delighting their customers. 


Technology alignment

The technology you adopt into your workday should align wi

th your business objectives, not the other way around, especially if you’re seeking a solution that builds upon efficiency to yield higher productivity.


Inaccurate time = moneyTimeisMoney

Improving accuracy and decreasing the burden on your HR team is an easy process that can continuously save your company money. However, if it’s so easy and yields a high ROI, why aren’t more companies adopting this automated tool? Although the general population understands the idea behind the phrase “time equals money,” rarely do we dissect this term to relate to specific industry circumstances. 


Let’s say, for example, Morgan works an hourly job for $10/hour. She works the same 8-hour shift, every day, from 9 A.M to 5 P.M. However, earlier in the week Morgan arrived to work at around 9:05 A.M and left at 4:56 P.M. 


When you view her timesheet, you notice a clearly written clock-in and clock-out time of 9 and 5, respectively. When you ask Morgan about the discrepancy in times, she states she couldn’t remember the exact time she arrived and left so she rounded to the nearest hours of 9 A.M and 5 P.M. After all, it’s only a 9-minute difference and shouldn’t matter, right?


What if your company has 100 employees and 25% of them follow the same mindset as Morgan, every day? 25 employees with a 9-minute discrepancy, yields:

  • $187.50 weekly
  • $375 bi-weekly
  • $750 monthly
  • $9750 annually


A timekeeping error of only 9 minutes can add up quickly, and before your company realizes it, their revenue has decreased in the $1000s all due to an outdated, avoidable process. 

Timekeeping tools seem to be everywhere and for good reason. They are accurate solutions to an avoidable problem. But, how do you choose the best solution for you and your company? Schedule a call with FastPay to hear, first hand, our client-centric take on one of America’s most avoidable headaches.


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