How to Educate Your Company on Employee Benefits


After salary, employee benefits are one the most important aspects of retaining and hiring great employees. But if you aren’t educating your employees on what their benefits are and how to use them, they may feel short-changed or unaware of what your company truly offers.

For that reason, you should have education programs in place to make your employees aware of what benefits you offer, and how they can take advantage of them.

Why You Should Educate Employees on Their Benefits


As we mentioned, employee benefits are a very important aspect of employment. When you educate your employees on what their benefits are and how they can use them, they’ll have an appreciation for your company.


Offering up benefits to employees is great, but if they’re not aware how to use them, they may feel slighted. Also, oftentimes benefits have odd terminology (like PPO, HSA, etc.), so defining what those mean to your employees is helpful. Educating them on how exactly your benefits work and what’s included with them will give them the knowledge they need to use them.


If employees don’t understand how your benefit packages work, they may be shocked when they get the bill for a health screening. Employees need to be educated on premiums, copays, deductibles, and what’s covered and what isn’t.

If employees aren’t educated on your benefits, they could choose the wrong plan for their healthcare needs, and it could be costly.

How to Educate Employees on Benefits

Know Your Employees

What we mean by this is that you should understand who your employees are and what motivates them. By knowing this information, it can help you shape your messaging around your benefits to keep employees happy about the benefits at their disposal.

Year Long Communication

One pitfall that many organizations fall into is that they only talk about employee benefits around open enrollment periods. But employees have questions about their benefits all year. Some of these include:

  • Which health care providers are covered?
  • What are out of pocket costs?
  • What if a medical bill is incorrect?
  • What are annual deductible limits?

Web-Based Portal

In the past, it was tough to distribute proper communication about benefits when employees needed it, but that should no longer be the case. You should have a web-based portal that highlights your company’s benefits and all of the information your employees need to know about them. Oftentimes, this is part of an employee self service portal.

These portals allow your employees access to educational information about your benefits whenever they need them.

Employee benefits are an important part of their employment with your company. It’s up to you, as their employer, to give them the proper education about the benefits you offer.

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