How to Save Time and Money with FastPay


Counting down the days until the next payday is a common theme amongst many employees. However, anyone whose job includes calculating and processing heaps of payroll data might not find themselves equally as enthusiastic.


If you’re ready to flip the story and empower your employees and your entire company, then take a look at some of the top ways you can save your business time AND money with FastPay.


Make sure your employees can update their information

Often times it’s the simplest solutions that can produce the biggest impact on any company. If you repeatedly find yourself with incorrect employee information, you can end up processing payroll multiple times until you finally get it right.


Having a secure, central, and cloud-based database will allow your employees the ability to update their address, dependents, withholdings, benefits, and more.


Find a payroll software you trust

Manual processes are an option of the past. Long gone are spreadsheets, especially since technology has introduced formulas and buttons that provide immediate calculations and efficient processes.


Finding a payroll software with built-in capabilities that can automate timekeeping, keep track of PTO, aids in talent acquisition, effectively onboards new hires, maintain federal and legal compliance, and more will definitely help in saving your company time.


Take advantage of direct deposit


Most companies, especially smaller businesses, will print off checks, hand sign them, and deliver them to employees. However, if you’re looking to increase efficiency, save time, and save money, direct deposit is the way to go.


Not only will your employees enjoy funds being deposited directly into their account, but your team will enjoy not having to stop tasks in order to reprint and resign lost or damaged checks.


Understand your time utilization

Take a detailed account of how much processing payroll costs your company. If you aren’t aware of the time and money being spent on payroll and repetitive administrative tasks, you really can’t begin to save it.


It’s not always a game of dollars and cents. How much time is spent trying to acquire employee information and calculating hours? That time has a monetary value. And, even though acquiring a payroll software might have a fee attached, it could very well be much less than the money being spent on an arduous process like payroll.


Aligning your business with values that serve to propel your company forward is a guaranteed way to fast track your company towards sustainable success and growth.

If you’re ready to give back time and money to your company, then schedule your free consultation today!

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