How to Use All of Your HR Data


With new technologies helping HR departments become more efficient and effective, the amount of data that your HR team collects can be staggering. Data collection can come from:

  • Surveys
  • Time and attendance software
  • Salary history
  • People analytics
  • Employee databases
  • Recruiting processes
  • Interviews

And many other avenues.

Where a lot of HR departments struggle is that once they collect all of their data, they aren’t exactly sure what to do with it to help their business.

Properly using the data you collect can save you time and money on HR management.

Using HR Data

Hiring New Talent

Your business collects a lot of data on prospective employees when you’re looking to fill a job. You can use data analysis tools that allow you to filter through hundreds of resumes quickly so that you’re hiring the right talent that fits with your organization.

You can also use the data you have on your current workforce to find the exact traits you’ll need in a prospective employee to fill your job.


Evaluate and Improve Job Performance

Your business can use the data that an HCM system collects to evaluate and improve job performance. You’re able to use the data to see where employees are thriving, where they’re struggling, and where they’re progressing. This data allows you to get a better understanding of your current employees and offer recommendations and training based upon it.


Evaluate Morale

Your employees are your most important asset in your business, and their happiness and morale should be of utmost importance to you. There are several tools out there that can collect data (surveys, feedback, etc.) on your workplace culture. Use this data to get an idea for how your employees feel and make adjustments and improvements based upon that data.


Goal Setting

Data and metrics enable your company to not only see where your company has been in the past, but also allow you to plan for the future. Past data can help your executives and managers set realistic goals and expectations.

Collecting HR data is only half the battle, analyzing it and helping your company make decisions can help propel your business and workforce.


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