Looking to Streamline Your Business? Here Are 5 Ways Applicant Tracking Can Help.


With the average business receiving 250 applications per job opening, (Google receives upwards of 3 million applications per year!) an intuitive applicant tracking system (ATS) has the ability to transform how your company views the entire hiring process. So much, in fact, that over 98% of Fortune 500 companies have fully adopted and integrated this solution into their workforce.

With so many HR solutions floating around in the industry, it can be difficult to determine whether or not your business needs to integrate an applicant tracking solution. We’ve put together five benefits of an ATS to help your company make the best decision for your workforce. 


Centralizes your dataCentralizes-your-data

Between viewing resumes and cover letters, scheduling interviews, and communicating with applicants, there are multiple tools being used within the hiring process. Requiring your team to continually switch back and forth between these siloed applications reinforces inefficiency, instigates miscommunication, and promotes errors. 


An applicant tracking system provides a central database that allows for inter-departmental communication and enforces a streamlined system that mitigates errors and inaccuracies.


Keeps your applicants engaged

Once an applicant applies to your company, the clock begins to tick away until the ball is moved from one side of the court to the other.


If your company delays communication, whether in favor of the applicant or not, you only serve to enforce a reputation that devalues individuals. Simply by responding promptly to the applicant, your company recognizes the time and energy it took to follow through on the application process. This respect prompts a good impression of your business and serves to add value to your business, even if the applicant is rejected. 


Integrates with your current tools

A common HR roadblock seen in many businesses is a lack of communication, not just between employees, but also between software. 


Undoubtedly, many HR teams have a bevy of tools at their disposal to make a multitude of necessary processes easier. However, when these tools and solutions are equipped with the ability to communicate with one another, your HR team’s administrative tasks become both efficient and effective. 


For example, once your hiring manager has identified your organization’s new hire, an applicant tracking solution can quickly and easily put your HR team’s collective minds at ease by immediately sending the hired talent to the onboarding phase of employment. This simple yet beneficial automated transfer of data promotes a landscape that values employee autonomy, empowerment, and efficiency by effectively eliminating repetitive tasks that do not further your business’s overall objectives. 


Helps you identify areas of improvement

Data helps identify areas of weakness and can provide detailed information on your hiring metrics. By monitoring your data, you can more easily track the efficiency of your hiring team, how cost-effective your recruitment processes are, and where adjustments are necessary. 


Keeps you on track

Perhaps one of the biggest downfalls to manual hiring processes is the integration of human error. Hiring managers are tasked with multiple to-do items within the recruitment process such as posting on job boards, reviewing applications, collaborating with team leads, and more. The act of following up on an applicant, or providing notes post-interview, can be overlooked and forgotten...unless notifications are utilized and in play. These simple, yet calculated reminders can make a huge difference as to whether or not your hiring processes are efficient and on task, or forgotten and overlooked. 


Incorporating a new system into your workforce can be a big decision; however, the potential benefits of an ATS can far outweigh any initial hesitation. 


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