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Features Added for COVID19

FastPay is providing three additional features (tax break code, reports, and PPP tracking) to help our clients receive any eligible benefits that pertain to the new assistance programs.  

Four Effective Ways to Manage Your Remote Workforce

Managing a remote workforce might seem as though it comes with a completely different set of tasks and guidelines; however, many people might be surprised that it does not. Many principles of management and leadership adopted by good managers...

What Are My Digital Payment Options?

Given the current economic state of our nation, and with so many individuals transitioning to remote work, it’s becoming increasingly valuable to take a critical eye at your company’s current operations.

How Social Media Has Affected the Recruitment Process

Talent acquisition is witnessing a rapid reboot thanks to the rise of social media. We now live in a day where the majority of today’s workforce are millennials. And millennials know how to use technology to their advantage.

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