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At FastPay, our mission is to offer best-in-class technology while being obsessed with delivering an extremely positive experience for our clients so that you can take care of your most important asset: your employees.


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How to Build HR Strategies That Align with Your Business Goals

It’s not difficult to look at the day-to-day workings of a typical HR department and figure out what needs to happen to keep up with the work. However, it’s more difficult, and more crucial, to have strategies for your HR team that will give...

Why Switching Payroll Providers Doesn’t Have to be Scary

If the thought of switching payroll providers fills you with apprehension, we understand. It can be a big transition, made even more complicated by the sensitive nature of your employees’ financial information. Allows us to set your mind at ease...

Customized Reporting You Always Wanted with HCM

When it comes to human capital management, there are typically many moving parts that must all work together for you to make the most informed decisions regarding your team’s internal processes.

Tips to Create a Superior Employee Onboarding Experience

First impressions are lasting impressions, and as a company, you want your first impression with your brand-new employees to be as strong as possible. But let’s be honest: sometimes the experience of starting work at a new company can be a big...

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