Processing Payroll with FastPay 360


If thinking about payroll gives you a headache, you’re certainly not alone. Many business owners have come to dread payroll processing but may not have even realized that there could be a better way. A powerful, flexible payroll software solution can transform the way you do payroll, and puts you in complete control every step of the way. Let’s find out how FastPay 360 can deliver accurate paychecks every time.


Processing Payroll with FastPay 360

Here’s a snapshot of how the FastPay 360 payroll software can optimize and streamline your entire payroll process.


1. Access to real time info: View, analyze, and share your payroll data with powerful and intuitive reporting. Custom reporting allows you to modify standard reports and share them with anyone on your team that has the proper permissions. You can also filter, sort, and group reports for any given time period.


2. Accurate, timely payments: Payroll through FastPay 360 will guarantee that your employees are paid properly. Generate timely, accurate payments every week by automating many of the processes that are prone to manual error. In addition, the payroll system interfaces directly with the timekeeping system, meaning you’ll never have to worry about inaccurate or late payments again.


3. Minimized compliance risks: FastPay 360 provides you with the tools you need to help your organization with taxes and legislative tasks and avoid fines and penalties. It minimizes legislative tasks required for compliance with local, state, and federal law, and helps with managing complex benefits and administration tasks associated with policies like the ACA. It even assists with accurately completing and filing taxes with the IRS.


4. Employee self-service tools: Employee-self-service-toolsYour employees expect the same kind of convenience on the job as they do in their personal lives, and with this system, your employees have 24/7, mobile-friendly access to all sorts of self-service tools. They can access pay stubs online, view earning histories, update W-4 forms and print W-2s, make easy changes to direct deposit, and more. Not only does this benefit your employees, it frees your HR and payroll admins from these tasks, allowing them to focus on more important things.


5. Gives you complete control: Your team will be able to manage the payroll process at every step. Process payroll on your own schedule and perform checks without incurring extra charges. You’ll reduce the burden on your payroll team by reducing daily administrative tasks, and with a mobile application that everyone in the company has access to, you’ll be reducing employee HR requests at the same time.


And it’s not just a payroll tool. FastPay 360 integrates data from other tools within the suite.  You’re able to pull data from the ACA, accruals, time management, and employee scheduling tools. It integrates seamlessly with other systems and processes to make everyone’s lives easier. Here are some of the payroll software integrations that can streamline your processes and help you stay focused on more important tasks:


  • Check processing
  • Always-on payroll access
  • Time and attendance tracking
  • Accounting software
  • Income tax services


Plus, once you integrate scheduling software into your payroll process, it becomes so much easier to fit the schedules of your employees together. You’ll be able to effectively and efficiently create schedules that maximize productivity and minimizes compliance risks.


Payroll could hardly be easier with FastPay 360, a full-featured payroll solution that puts you in complete control of the payroll process. Download our free guide below and see how this powerful system can benefit everyone in your company and transform the way you do payroll.

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