Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Talent to Your Business


Good people are hard to find, and gathering the right talent is often the greatest challenge of any business. It’s critical for companies who want to change and grow to hire the right people. The worst-case scenario is hiring the wrong person, costing you time, money, company resources and more.

There’s more involved than sending out a job ad into the void and praying that the perfect candidate wanders along. Here are several strategies you can use to attract, fresh, talented people to your company.

Recruiting Strategies for your Business

Put your company’s brand and culture front and center

If you know who you are and what you stand for, like-minded people will be drawn to you. When you are values and mission driven, people with similar aims and values will want to be a part of your journey, and you’ll attract the kind of people that will integrate well and add value. Try to have your company’s defining qualities reflected in the jobs you post and the interviews you conduct, so you can more easily gauge if a candidate is the right fit.


Create clear and compelling job postings

Spell out the kind of ideal candidate you’re looking for in as much detail as possible, and be clear and honest about what will be expected of this person. It might make a great first impression to state what kinds of growth opportunities might be available through this position, and you could even consider stating the salary to make your job posting stand out.


Try using social media

Everybody is on social media, and it’s becoming an increasingly popular place to recruit new talent, especially among millennials. LinkedIn is a good place to start. It’s the world’s largest professional network, and there’s a lot of talent out there if you know where to look. Set up your company page with keywords that accurately reflect your business and your mission, and search for potential candidates that align with that.


Use tools to automate as many processes as possible

There’s no sense wasting time with the busy-work portion of job-creation. Find a tool that is paperless, allows you to keep track of candidates electronically, and simplifies the process of posting positions online. You can also automate the approval process so nothing slips through the cracks and no one gets left hanging. It will speed up the hiring process and create a better hiring experience for the candidate.


Make sure this position adds value to your company

Does the cost of hiring someone new and creating a new role outweigh the benefits or value they bring to your company? If so, you might want to hold off on hiring people until you have a better sense of how their work will justify the cost of hiring them. You don’t need to expand just to grow bigger, and if you’re part of a new or smaller company, it’s especially important to define the return you expect to get out of this new role before you start looking to fill it.


Get the timing right

You shouldn’t take forever to get someone new onboard, but you shouldn’t be in a rush, either. Try not to get yourself in a business situation where you feel desperate to hire someone, because rushing to fill a seat could cost you down the road. If you do find your self in a critical shortage, just keep in mind that it is much more expensive to correct a bad hiring decision than to wait just a little longer to find the perfect fit.


Work on your interviews

Let’s face it: most interviews are bland and generic. If you ask trite, uninspired questions, be prepared to get cookie-cutter responses. When you conduct an interview with a candidate, that candidate is also interviewing you. If they have a terrible experience, you might just scare them off.


Work on improving your interview process by really understanding the position you’re hiring for, and asking questions that will fairly and accurate assess your candidate’s relevant skills and potential weaknesses. You should know that new interviewing techniques are gaining favor, such as finding ways to assess a candidate’s soft skills (things like communication skills, problem solving ability, and work ethic).


Don’t forget to promote from within

There’s a good chance you already have great talent sitting right in front of you. Find ways to promote your own people to new roles and new responsibilities if their skills and personality would be well-suited. You’ve already invested in them, and they know the company and culture much better than someone brand new who will have to be onboarded.


It’s worth mentioning that the very best way to attract excellent workers is to become the kind of company that excellent people want to work for. Align yourselves around a strong mission and build an authentic workplace culture you can be proud of, and top talent will want to be a part of it.


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