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How Social Media Has Affected the Recruitment Process

Talent acquisition is witnessing a rapid reboot thanks to the rise of social media. We now live in a day where the majority of today’s workforce are millennials. And millennials know how to use technology to their advantage.

Hiring vs Recruiting: The One Big Difference

Hiring and recruiting might sound like the same thing, but they both require different approaches to finding top talent. Although one process is not necessarily better than the other, there might be situations that arise within your company in...

Recruiting Strategies to Attract Top Talent to Your Business

Good people are hard to find, and gathering the right talent is often the greatest challenge of any business. It’s critical for companies who want to change and grow to hire the right people. The worst-case scenario is hiring the wrong person,...

How FastPay Can Help With Employee Recruiting

Recruiting top employees is every company’s objective when it sets out on the hiring trail. Employee recruiting allows your business to find the right candidate for the right job.

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