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Top Priorities for Small HR Departments

Whether just starting out as a green entrepreneur or having a small HR department is part of your business strategy, just because an HR team is small doesn’t mean there aren’t big shoes to fill and even bigger responsibilities.

Just the Facts: Is My Employee Exempt or Not?

With so many changes looming about, it’s important to keep the critical information you and your company need to know both straightforward and simple.

Features Added for COVID19

FastPay is providing three additional features (tax break code, reports, and PPP tracking) to help our clients receive any eligible benefits that pertain to the new assistance programs.  

How Social Media Has Affected the Recruitment Process

Talent acquisition is witnessing a rapid reboot thanks to the rise of social media. We now live in a day where the majority of today’s workforce are millennials. And millennials know how to use technology to their advantage.

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