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How to Build Better Payroll Processes Through FastPay

It’s no secret. FastPay advocates for the efficiency of your company by building better payroll processes. The time saved, the efficiency gained, and perhaps more importantly, the stress that is alleviated through automation are reasons enough to...

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Ways to Improve Employee Onboarding with FastPay

Keeping tabs on your onboarding process probably sounds like an afterthought, perhaps even tedious, boring, and often even unnecessary. In fact, do you remember the last time you were able to take a look at the ROI or efficiency of your company’s...

How You Can Automate HR Tasks with FastPay

The amount of time “wasted” at work is, arguably, in direct correlation with the perceived level of fulfillment in our jobs. Is your workflow constantly interrupted with meetings, questions, paperwork and emails? Maybe even more tasks that empty...

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