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Top Challenges Facing HR

Many changes in recent years have added to the growing number of challenges HR departments face today. From culture to technology, nothing seems to be off-limits, making the adjustment phase seemingly obsolete.

How the FastPay Timekeeping System Saves You Time

One-off projects, client meetings, important phone calls: it’s all important and it all adds up. Eliminate the need for a middle man when an accurate, intuitive solution can remove the stress from your day and give you back your time.

Cut the Clutter: 5 Benefits of Going Paperless

As most of us know by now, a paperless office is an organization that has committed to a greener, more sustainable workplace. However, with the landscape of technology and businesses continuing to broaden in talent and scope, it’s becoming more...

FastPay Resources That Benefit Your Employees

Giving your employees more transparency and control over their workplace happiness should be a top priority for any company. Luckily, one of the key attributes to the success of FastPay is our attention to detail coupled with our obsession to...

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