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How to Build Better Payroll Processes Through FastPay

It’s no secret. FastPay advocates for the efficiency of your company by building better payroll processes. The time saved, the efficiency gained, and perhaps more importantly, the stress that is alleviated through automation are reasons enough to...

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FastPay’s Ultimate Guide to Payroll

We might sound like a broken record, but it’s worth repeating whenever we get the chance: the ins and outs of payroll are, without a doubt, confusing and frustrating. If you’ve found yourself getting your feet wet with payroll, you’ve most likely...

Avoid These Top 5 Payroll Frustrations

Frustrations, for most of us, are a daily fact of life with payroll being no exception. It’s burdensome, complicated, time-consuming and potentially costly if the slightest mistake is made at the wrong time.

How to Streamline New Hire Admin with FastPay

The US unemployment rate was last noted, as of June 2019, at 3.7%. While this number is a good indicator of a strong economy, the large increase in available jobs also presents a threat to a company’s employee retention. With the Bureau of Labor...

Money Management: Payroll Tips and Tricks

Processing payroll is a time-consuming and stressful process. According to the National Small Business Association, one in three small businesses spend approximately one full work week every year processing payroll with payroll taxes and income...

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