The 6 Best Human Resources Posts of 2018


It’s hard to believe that 2018 is just about over. As the year comes to a close, it’s time for some reflection on our favorite human resources blog posts of 2018.

While we’re constantly reading up on the latest HR news and trends,  the following blog posts took the cake as some of our favorites this past year.

Top Human Resources Blog Posts

How to build trust at work

The core of any professional relationship revolves around trust. It helps to establish a strong connection between employees, which enables your company to be stronger, too.


This blog post gives actionable tips on how to build trust in your workplace.


5 Ways to Boost Employee Satisfaction Without Raising Salaries

Employee satisfaction is absolutely vital to retaining top talent in your workplace. And while giving employees more money can definitely help their satisfaction, that’s not always possible. This blog post highlights different ways that you can keep your employees satisfied without throwing more money at them.


One Business Owner’s Solution to Work Life Balance

James Sudakow is a business owner that runs a consulting practice. He’s also an author and a speaker, so his work hours rack up quickly. With a big family and lots of obligations, Sudakow talks about how he’s able to manage it all.

In fact, Sudakow has a book out called, “Out of the Blur: A Delirious Dad’s Search for the Holy Grail of Work-Life Balance.


Report: How Satisfied Are U.S. Workers With Their Salaries?

This blog post highlights a study that conducted. They found that only 19% of employees are comfortable with their rate of pay, and over half would consider changing jobs to get a pay raise. There are other very interesting data points in this blog, which is why it’s one of our favorites of 2018.


6 Critical steps to ensuring your new hire is a perfect fit

Hiring new employees is a critical financial investment for your company, so it’s vital to ensure that your new hire is a perfect fit for your company. This includes culture fit, skills, experience, and other attributes that will enable them to thrive at your business. This post highlight six different steps you need to take as a company to ensure you’re hiring the right employee for the right job.


Why Are You Scared to Make HR Simple?

This is a fantastic post on why so many HR departments make human resources more difficult than it needs to be. Some complex processes can be simplified and this post explains how that’s possible.


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