The Benefits of Integrating Scheduling Software into Your Payroll Process


As an HR executive or manager, you probably know how frustrating and time-consuming it can be to create a schedule each week for your employees.

You have to factor in who’s part-time/full-time, who has requested days off, labor laws, and more. It can become quite the headache for you.

Fortunately for you, it doesn’t have to be like that anymore. With employee scheduling software, you’re able to provide optimal coverage for every shift, every day.

Using Scheduling Software

A scheduling tool eliminates the headaches of creating employee schedules and automatically generates schedules based upon your company’s regulations, budgets, and employee availability.

For managers that have been doing this process manually, the benefits of a scheduling software almost seem endless.

Properly schedule employees

You don’t have to worry about scheduling an employee that isn’t available because of requested time off or labor laws. The tool won’t allow you to schedule them when they’re not available.

Control costs

Sometimes your company has budget constraints that limit the amount of employees that can work at a time. Scheduling software takes into account constraints that you’ve set to control your labor costs.

Drive engagement

By scheduling employees based upon their availability and preferences, they grow to appreciate your business and become more engaged employees. Engaged employees are typically your best employees.

Minimize risk

A scheduling software automatically enforces labor and union laws, which keeps your company compliant and minimizes any financial penalties you could incur by not following the laws.

Free up valuable time

Managers and HR execs that used to spend a large chunk of time on scheduling are able to focus on strategy rather than administrative tasks like scheduling.

By integrating a scheduling software into your payroll process, scheduling no longer has to seem like an impossible jigsaw puzzle. You’ll be able to effectively and efficiently create schedules that maximize productivity and minimizes compliance risks.

If a scheduling tool is something that interests you, contact one of our FastP
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