Time and Attendance Software Comparison


When it comes to time and attendance software, we think it’s hard to beat the services FastPay provides. After all, we supply an incredibly simple user interface that rivals most of the market. Everything is right where you need it, so you don’t have to waste time digging around.

Let’s break it down:

Features of FastPay Time and Attendance

FastPay integrates payroll and time attendance so you can have the easiest processing experience. We developed a simple interface that eliminates:

  • Calculating hours
  • Double entry into payroll and time and attendance
  • Buddy punching
  • Overpaying due to calculation errors

Instead, FastPay 360’s time keeping tool allows you to manage the tedious tasks of time keeping with automated and accurate solutions.

Some of the key benefits of this tool include:

  • Accurate time keeping -  This feature allows employees to clock in and out from a time clock, a computer, or mobile device. Geofencing technology allows you to restrict clocking in to certain locations.
  • Maintaining compliance - This tool automatically flags suspicious behavior, such as missed punches, skipped breaks, and early/late arrivals, allowing you to take action swiftly when problems arise.
  • Easy calendar management - This tool simplifies tasks like time off approval, creating schedules, and other tasks that can often seem tedious.
  • Attendance enforcement - This tool will automatically update employee attendance occurrences, which helps you to enforce policies, whether they’re federal, state, or organizational.
  • Flexible pay rules - The tool allows you to track and manage true labor costs.
  • Manager/Employee Self Service Portal - The tool provides employees a set of self-management options for their personal time and attendance activities. It also allows managers to enforce leave policy tracking.
  • Multiple collection options - This feature supports accurate labor data collection.
  • Real-time visibility - This feature enables you to have the information you need for better exception management.

Features of our competitors

Now that we have covered the benefits of FastPay, we dug into the details of our competitors to give you a transparent look at your other time and attendance software options:


Competitor One

Our first competitor’s website lists that their time and attendance tracking will help you accurately run payroll. They offer help for your scheduling needs, no matter how difficult. They say their automated time and attendance and simple scheduling tools will:

  • Cut down your manual tasks
  • Decrease errors
  • Help you look ahead
  • Ensure the right employees are included  
  • Integrate with your payroll
  • Help you stay on track
  • Ultimately save you time and money

These features benefit many customers. However, several customers of this software went online to leave reviews about areas in which it lacks:

  • Limited base support hours
  • Limited accessing to the system outside your usual place of work
  • A difficult-to-understand rules setup
  • Inadequate training sessions
  • A short time-out period

Competitor Two

Our second competitor’s website lists that you can save time and improve the accuracy of your payroll with their time and attendance features. They say they can track your employees however you like and save time with these features:

  • Online timekeeping that automates time and attendance
  • Integration with your payroll
  • A time clock that will reduce time theft and enhance security
  • Efficiency improvements
  • Easy-to-use system
  • Simple mobile app

Those features are hard to complain about. However, some of their customers left reviews online about areas in which this software could improve:

  • Poor customer service
  • Slow software with constant changes
  • No electronic updates to employee time cards
  • Misleading online help
  • Manual tracking of all HR-related tasks
  • No payroll integration
  • Difficult to clock in
  • Inaccuracies in timecards
  • Manual checking of timecards
  • Time and attendance platform cannot conform to all the new and varied state specific sick time laws
  • Outdated time and attendance features

Competitor Three

Our third competitor’s website lists that their time and attendance features will improve not only the accuracy of your data, but the productivity of your employees. They say their time and attendance features are flexible and scalable to help you gain helpful insight. Some of the other benefits of this system includes:

  • Payroll integration
  • No manual tracking and data entry
  • Accurate track time despite employee type
  • Run reports of hours and time-off summaries
  • View live schedules
  • Track any misuse of time

Many customers who sought this business for those features wound up leaving these reviews online about pain points like these within this system:

  • Slow customer service
  • Difficult navigation
  • Prone to lose data
  • Errors in employee hours
  • Manual review and edit of timesheets

Competitor Four

Our fourth competitor’s website lists that their time and attendance features will provide you tools to manage when, where and how your employees report their hours worked in the most accurate and efficient manner. They say they use custom rules and time management tools to relieve the most difficult labor management needs. Other features they boast include:

  • Online timesheet submission and approval process
  • Automatic payroll updates
  • Search capabilities for specific time cards and errors   
  • Batch-edits for a group of employees
  • Custom rounding rules to calculate weekend shifts, bonuses, etc.

On the other side, some customers reported frustrating features of this software in online reviews:

  • Phantom period in the time off Module
  • Confusing applicant tracking module
  • Uncustomizable system
  • Coding errors that delay projects
  • Poor customer service
  • Difficulties in tracking employee changes by a specific time period
  • Time consuming timesheets
  • Outdated features
  • Uncustomizable to business needs
  • Incohesive time and attendance menu
  • Incorrect paychecks
  • Difficulties tracking paid time off

Competitor Five

Last but not least, our fifth competitor’s website lists that their time and attendance software primarily benefits restaurants and retail stores. They use a fingerprint scanner to clock employees in and out quickly and efficiently. This prevents employees from clocking in for each other or clocking in early. They say their software is easy-to-use and simple to access from any location. Other pros they claim include:

  • Reduction of manual tasks
  • Accurate attendance tracking
  • Physical, standalone time clock
  • Fast system setup
  • Live views into labor costs
  • Elimination of paper tracking
  • Increased efficiency with reduced errors

Even so, some customers left these online reviews about areas in which this software is lacking:

  • Limited mobile app
  • Core functionality of scheduling unavailable
  • No online help system
  • Difficult site navigation
  • Unintuitive interface

Let FastPay handle your time and attendance needs

At FastPay, we offer quick and reliable service to businesses of all sizes across the United States. We are committed to meet your timekeeping needs to help your business run quickly and efficiently.

Help us help you improve your time and attendance by speaking with a Fastpay expert today.

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