Top 10 Blogs to Follow if You’re a Small Business Owner

We’re lucky to live in an era when information is readily available – information about practically everything. That’s good news if you’re a small business owner because there’s no shortage of reading material that will help you build your business and run it more effectively.

Small business blogs are a great way to access valuable content that helps you at every stage of business development. Here’s a list of 10 blogs that will enable you to grow as an individual while improving your small business skills.

1. Small Business Trends

Small Business Trends is one of most popular independent small business blogs available today and features news, tips, advice, and resources valuable to every business owner. The blog averages 42 posts per week and has hundreds of contributors.


2. Smart Hustle

Building a small business entails facing many challenges and it’s often hard to share your experiences outside of the workplace. But Smart Hustle Magazine serves to educate and inspire small business owners and entrepreneurs who are facing the daily grind and hustle of growing their business.


3. FedEx Small Business Center

The FedEx Small Business Center blog answers almost every question you might have about launching a small business, including an e-commerce business. It’s loaded with tips, innovative ideas, and solutions.


4. Blog

If you’re looking for motivational and highly informative content that’s also straightforward and concise, then blog is for you. The blog teaches the ins and outs of building a successful small business, while also stressing the importance of acknowledging your family and friends during the process.


5. Big Ideas for Small Business

The Big Idea for Small Business blog features content that’s focused on the technical and legal aspects of running your business – including taxes. If you have any questions about the legal and technical aspects of your business, you’ll find the answers here.


6. Infusionsoft’s Blog

Successful marketing is one of the keys to building a thriving business but not every business owner has a wealth of marketing know-how. But Infusionsoft’s blog offers informative content about email marketing, networking, and more.


7. Bplans Blog

Bplans sells business planning software, while its blog covers a wide range of business-related topics. You’ll find an endless list of business plans to review, templates, free business calculators, and tools.


8. Side Hustle Nation

Not all small business owners are working full-time at their startup, and Side Hustle Nation is for those folks who start their own business while still working a day job. You’ll find great information on its blogs and podcasts.


9. Women on Business

Women on Business posts news, advice, and other articles for female entrepreneurs and executives. It also has a section dedicated to leadership advice for women.


10. Fit Small Business

From marketing to financing to accounting, hiring, and more, Fit Small Business has posts on virtually every topic that applies to you and your business. You’ll even find information on how to recruit Millennials.

Start with these blogs to easily sort through the endless amounts of business information. Let us know your favorite business blogs in the comments.

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