Top Challenges Facing HR


Many changes in recent years have added to the growing number of challenges HR departments face today. From culture to technology, nothing seems to be off-limits, making the adjustment phase seemingly obsolete.


However, even amongst the most difficult of trials comes the promise of solutions on the horizon. Here are the top challenges we’ve seen throughout the years, along with easy-to-access solutions that can better aid in the streamlined progress of your company. 


Finding diverse talent

Finding a diverse and talented workforce takes careful planning and execution and goes far deeper than the simple utilization of job boards. Knowing the job description and requirements before interviewing talent helps hiring managers to gain an in-depth understanding of the needs of the position. When applying proper due diligence to the hiring process, you can spend more time assessing whether or not the interviewee adds diversity to your culture by way of work experience, life experience, background, upbringing, and more. 


By taking more time to delve into the diversity of a new hire that goes beyond the spectrum of race, age, and sex, you can feel confident you are acquiring a workforce that maximizes the potential of your company in all ways. 


Employee turnover

Unfortunately, high employee turnover is standard with a fast-paced workforce. To prevent this, your company needs to ensure an expansive and detailed onboarding process is one of your first lines of defense. If employees are satisfied with their employment and their culture, they are less likely to consider outside work.


Adopting a robust onboarding protocol that integrates pre-boarding, as well as the continued training of your new hires, will ensure your HR department is free of repetitive administrative tasks. This will also give your new hire ample time to fill out required benefits forms and read through proper employee manuals prior to their first official start date, thus allowing them more time to adjust to the more subtle nuances of new employment. 


Adapting to technology

Facing the unknown can be fear-inducing, stressful, and generate a lot of uncertainty. Changes in technology are not immune. HR is not only entrusted with ensuring morale is maintained when introducing new skills and innovations, but also for the progressive upskilling of employees to ensure a seamless transition. 

Although there is no one-size-fits-all answer to increasing tech advancements, a secure, centralized, and cloud-based system that has integrated capabilities with other solutions will free up time within your HR department to focus on innovations, like technology, that further the growth of your company. 


State and federal compliance

As administration changes take place, so do potential changes in long-standing federal and local guidelines. Some of the most recent changes that are top of mind for any HR department are changes to the EEOC, the Affordable Care Act, and respective healthcare mandates.


Staying aware and attentive is the best proactive stance an HR department can take, especially concerning tracking overtime, GINA, and the ADA. That being said, it’s of benefit to have payroll and HR support professionals well-versed in compliance in your corner. FastPay’s HR support tool, for example, connects businesses with lawyers, training, videos, forums, templates, employee handbooks, and other resources that allow your company to progress towards growth confidently and under compliance.


Employee health and safety

High demands and long hours can lead to employee burnout, which can impair an employee’s psychological and physical health. While varying levels of stress are healthy and can be maintained, it’s generally a silent threat for many employers that should be preemptively addressed. 



A timekeeping solution that is capable of alerting your team to behavior such as missed breaks and a habit of long overtime hours can aid in the prevention of employee burnoutand allow your organization to feel confident in their stance on being proactive with their employee’s health and wellness. 


Facing challenges is an ongoing process for all HR departments, as the landscape is forever in constant evolution. By staying relevant and infusing clear communication throughout your company, you can be proactive in the face of change and will be better equipped to sustain a high degree of efficacy and efficiency within your company. 


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