Visual-Based Post [Blogging Blueprint] (Clone1)


An image post uses a visual element as the centerpiece of your post, such as a SlideShare presentation, infographic, comic, or high-resolution images.

Use your introduction to provide a caption for your image(s). Why is it valuable? What’s the point? Image posts don’t require a lot of text, so choose your words wisely.

Here are some examples of how we use Visual blog posts here at HubSpot:

  • A Visual History of Google Algorithm Changes [Infographic]
  • Can a Career in B2B Marketing Be Fulfilling? [SlideShare]
  • A Sampling of the Sexiest Business Blogs on the Internet

  • BODY:

    After just a few lines of introductory text, insert the visual.



    Call out the most important elements of the visual. Include “Tweet this!” links that mention key points and vital takeaways from your visual.


    Now it’s time to say goodbye and wrap up your post. Remind your readers of your key takeaway, reiterate what your readers need to do to get the desired result, and ask a question about how they see the topic to encourage comments and conversation. Don't forget to add a Call-to-Action!

    Congratulations! What a lovely image post you've created.


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