Ways Business Leaders Can Help Their Employees Embrace Change


Change: it’s a word that can be scary, especially in the business realm. However, it doesn’t have to be that way.

In fact, change can be a good thing. Think about all of the innovative changes we’ve seen just over the past decade. Our worlds are constantly evolving and changing, and as a business leader, embracing that change can actually
help your company prosper.

Embracing Change

Change can be something as minor as rearranging office desks, or something as major as acquiring another company. Whether changes are large or small, embracing them can help the rest of your workplace feel at ease, too.

Have a Clear Purpose

When you announce changes being made at your workplace, be sure that there’s a clear, compelling purpose behind the changes you’re making. If employees think you’re making changes just for the sake of it, they’ll be reluctant to adjust.

However, with a clear purpose behind the changes, employees will be more compelled to be accepting of those changes.

Demonstrate Your Willingness to Accept Change

The saying goes, ‘actions speak louder than words,’ and the employees in your business will follow that mantra when it comes to their leaders. Show that you’re rolling with the changes in your workplace. You can tell your employees, “we have to roll with these changes” a million times, but until you show them you’re doing it yourself, they’ll be hesitant to fully embrace them.

Be Open to Discussions

Sometimes employees grow to resent their leaders in the workplace because those leaders aren’t accessible to have conversations about what’s happening. If you’re making changes to your business, be sure that you’re willing to discuss those changes in greater detail with anybody that wants to.

Making drastic changes and then hiding in your office isn’t exactly going to win over your employees. Make yourself accessible for discussions, and be open and honest about what’s going on.

Show Your Excitement

Your employees are going to feed off of the vibe that you’re giving them. If you announce changes you’re implementing in a dry or smug mood, chances are high that your employees aren’t going to be very excited about them.

Contrarily, if you show excitement and exert positive energy while announcing changes, your employees can sense that, and they’ll be more apt to share in your excitement.

Like we mentioned, change truly can be exciting. Perhaps you’re rolling out a new benefits package or implementing a Human Capital Management System, which are both exciting workplace changes. Don’t be afraid to express how exciting those changes are.

Change is inevitable. But that doesn’t mean everybody likes it. As a leader, your employees are going to follow you. Use the tips above to get your employees to embrace the changes in your workplace.

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