What Makes an Applicant Tracking System Effective?


There is no piece of technology that is more essential to your business’ staffing than an applicant tracking system (ATS). It is essentially a tool that helps your business automate many aspects of employee recruiting, along with housing all of your candidates’ data in one place. An ATS helps you manage every stage of your employee recruitment, from applications all the way to hiring.

Benefits of an Applicant Tracking System

Applicant tracking systems are very popular for companies that have several job positions throughout the year that they want to fill with top-tiered talent. They’re so popular because they boast many benefits. These include:

  • Reducing time going through hundreds of resumes - Without an ATS, your HR department would have to manually sift through each resume to see if candidates matched your criteria. They’d have to do this same process for each position you ever posted. With an ATS, so much time is saved by having the system parse the data in the resumes and filter them by who is most qualified.
  • Speeding up the hiring process - Between data parsing and automated communication with your candidates, you’re able to vastly speed up your hiring process.
  • Reducing cost per hire - Because time-consuming tasks are automated and you have a central hub for your entire hiring process, your costs per hire become significantly less.
  • Centralizing all candidates in a single hub - This is an excellent benefit because you aren’t having to go through several different systems to see all of your candidates. Your ATS centralizes all of them into one hub.
  • Improving your candidate’s experience - Because your candidates are receiving constant communication at a faster rate, they’ll have a much better experience than they used to have with a manual hiring process.

Effective Applicant Tracking Systems

It’s important that if your company wants to invest in an applicant tracking system, it should absolutely be an effective one. This means that your ATS should:

  • Attract talent - Remember, your ATS is an effective tool all the way from application to hiring. Be sure that your ATS has the capabilities to be able to attract the talent that you’re looking for.
  • Build a pipeline - Your ATS should become a database of candidates that become a pipeline of talent that you can reach out to when your company needs to.
  • Parse data - An effective ATS for your business should be able to parse through resume data to see if there is information that is relevant your position’s criteria.
  • Automate communication - Sifting through each application, finding the email address of the applicant, and manually emailing each one takes a lot of time. Instead, you should be able to setup your ATS to send automated communication through each step of the hiring process. This includes:
      • Further questioning
      • Scheduling interviews
      • Sending job offers
  • Communicate with the entire database - Your ATS should be a tool that lets you communicate with all of the talent in your database, not those that have just applied to recent jobs.
  • Assist with compliance - When your business is hiring, your ATS can help ensure that your business is complying with fair hiring laws.
  • Improve talent - An ATS should help your company improve the level of talent that you’re hiring. It should help you narrow down who would be a great fit for your business.
  • Have reporting tools - You should be able to see analytics that are relevant to your hiring process within your ATS. This may include how many applicants for every position, who has opened emails, who has interviews scheduled, and more.

Have questions about what an effective ATS could look like for your company? Schedule a call with us today.

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